Tories have an Affinity with Ecotricity

Gawain Towler, the UKIP PPC for North Dorset today lambasted Robert Walters, the sitting Conservative MP for hypocrisy.

"Bob Walters has to answer some pretty searching questions now that it has been revealed that the Tory Party is doing deals with Ecotricity".

Ecotricity is the firm that is planning to build a wind farm at Silton near Gillingham which is opposed by the vast majority of local inhabitants. Robert Walters has been prominent in opposing the farm. However the Conservative Party has set up a sponsorship program with the firm, part of its Afinity scheme that can be found on its website,

According to the firms's website Conservatives can,
"WIN a year's supply of electricity from Ecotricity - worth £400 - simply by watching our stunning new time-lapse video of the construction of 3 wind turbines at Bristol Port and then answering the question below".

"So backing this firm is fine for fundraising for their elections, but local people will feel let down and abused by such naked double dealing", said Towler.

Gawain Towler first got involved in the campaign against the windfarm in early February

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