Support the ban

Every publican in Dorset should support the ban on Alistair Darling.

He and his boss, Gordon Brown are doing so much damage to the licenced trade that only by making it clear to them that we are unhappy can anything be done.

Of course, it is unlikely that someone like Mr Darling would every sully himself by ever entering a pub, but that is not the point. A message needs to go out loud and clear. By increasing taxes, by supporting the smoking ban, by increasing rules and regulations, whether dreamt up in Whitehall or Brussels is not the point. They and their like (and I include you Mr Cameron in this, despite you mentioning this campaign in PMQs this week) are crushing the life out of an industry and a way of being that is close to all our hearts.

People like him bang on about communities and how important they are, but when they see something that cannot control, when the see men and women enjoying t hemselves out of free choice, they move heaven and earth to undermine, tax and regulate it.

A pox on them and all their (non public) houses.


Having been refused by the MSM, and having had his own website taken down by the hosting company, Geert Wilders last night published 'Fitna: The Movie' on LiveLeak.

I would encourage you to watch it, but I cannot pretend that it is nice, or easy viewing. At the very least it should make you think.

The BBC report about it is interesting in what it says and what it does not say. It majors on his paranoia,
"the most stubborn man I've ever met"...
"The presenter remembers walking with Mr Wilders surrounded by six bodyguards to the MP's room, which he likened to a furnished cell at a suburban bank.

Opponents say he is fuelling hate against Muslims From that perspective, he could understand that the politician's mind was focused on the death threats against him".

"He's a little bit crazy because he's giving the impression to some people that he's going to combat Islam," says Mr Rabbae.

"He's a kind of Don Quixote, fighting against things and presenting goals which will never happen."

Like Mr Spruyt, Mohamed Rabbae believes Mr Wilders may have become isolated by the limitations imposed by living with bodyguards".
But it fails to point out that his name was on the piece of paper, stuck on the knife that pierced Theo Van Gough's heart.
it was in November 2004 that Mr Wilders' career dramatically changed with the murder of film-maker Theo van Gogh by a radical Islamist, Mohammed Bouyeri.

Together with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Van Gogh had produced the short film Submission, which featured an actress in see-through clothing with Koranic script on her body.

Although he had no involvement in the film, Mr Wilders was now to have a permanent bodyguard, in common with Ms Hirsi Ali, because of their outspoken views on Islam.
An odd omission, as is the failure of the BBC to link to the film, despite writing an article about it.

No Remote Control

A new film from UKIP

Part 2

Local UKIP PPC forces reform in Bulgarian Care Homes

The situation in for children in Bulgarian children's homes for the disabled was brought harrowingly to life in the BBC documentary Bulgaria's Abandoned Children.

When I saw the film I was horrified, I immediately contacted the film's maker, Kate Blewett and invited her to show the film in the Brussels Parliament.

The Bulgarian authorities and Euro-MPs tried everything they could to block the showing, but we persevered and last week the Bulgarian authorities were forced to announce the closure of the Mogilino home. It is British taxpayers money siphoned through the European Commission that is funding the appalling regime in these homes and we have every right to demand that the money is spent well.

Of course the situation was known in Brussels, but rather than deal with it they hushed it up in order that Bulgaria could join the EU. The Tory MEP Geoffrey Van Orden who was responsible for Bulgaria in the Parliament would prefer to add another 8 million to the EU superstate than demand decent living conditions for these children. He should be ashamed.
Kate Blewett's own campaign can be found here

The film screening was co-hosted by Kathy Sinnott MEP, an Irish Independent who is one of the leaders of the Irish No campaign.