Local UKIP PPC forces reform in Bulgarian Care Homes

The situation in for children in Bulgarian children's homes for the disabled was brought harrowingly to life in the BBC documentary Bulgaria's Abandoned Children.

When I saw the film I was horrified, I immediately contacted the film's maker, Kate Blewett and invited her to show the film in the Brussels Parliament.

The Bulgarian authorities and Euro-MPs tried everything they could to block the showing, but we persevered and last week the Bulgarian authorities were forced to announce the closure of the Mogilino home. It is British taxpayers money siphoned through the European Commission that is funding the appalling regime in these homes and we have every right to demand that the money is spent well.

Of course the situation was known in Brussels, but rather than deal with it they hushed it up in order that Bulgaria could join the EU. The Tory MEP Geoffrey Van Orden who was responsible for Bulgaria in the Parliament would prefer to add another 8 million to the EU superstate than demand decent living conditions for these children. He should be ashamed.
Kate Blewett's own campaign can be found here

The film screening was co-hosted by Kathy Sinnott MEP, an Irish Independent who is one of the leaders of the Irish No campaign.

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