Dorset is not part of France

The news reported in today's Telegraph that the EU has continued with its desire to scrub England off the map must be met with some weariness. The story is not news, whatever the Tories say (just in time for St George's of course). For the last few years the Transmanche Region or Arc Manche has been in existence. This does of course not make it any better.

The whole silly thing is just redolent of how the EU works against, rather than with the grain of history.

Back in AD 43 the Roman General Vespasian, later to become Emperor took both Hod and Hambledon Hills before moving on to Maiden Castle and beyond. This quashing of the last serious opposition to the Roman Imperium resulted in England becoming part of the Roman Empire. But even the Romans were not stupid enough to try and administer different sides of the channel as a single entity.

All this is is a bureaucratic attempt to rub out national boundaries. Why? Because the powers that be in Brussels and Whitehall know that the only institution that retains sufficient emotional loyalty against there centralising plans is the Nation State. And thus they hate it.

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