Local UKIP oppose new wind farm

Gawain Towler, the UK Independence Party PPC for North Dorset today gave his full support to the Save the Vale campaign against the planned new wind farm between Milton on Stour and Bourton.

"Ecotricity just don't know when to give up. Wind farms are inefficient, massively subsidised and devastating to the local landscape", he said. "To have six massive turbines marching over the Vale would create enormous disturbance and for what? Turbines in general produce less than a third of the energy they claim due to the simple fact that the wind does not blow in the right way the right speed or at all for a majority of the time. Traditional electricity generation has to be maintained in order to cover for it".

"Worse still are the contemptuous comments from Ecotricity Director Dale Vince" said Mr Towler."He obviously doesn't give a damn about local people. The way he dismisses their concerns is disgraceful. He demands that they be less selfish. Maybe he shouldn't be so greedy to pick up public subsidy".

Mr Vince said "This is about climate change. We have to accept that we need to make some kind of change and we have to accept that we can either make a positive change or we’ll get a negative one by default.

"People have to be less selfish. It is the nature of the beast that we have to make wind energy in the countryside – where some people are lucky enough to live."

Commenting on the potential impact to local tourism, Mr Vince added: "Evidence actually shows that wind turbines don’t degrade tourism, they enhance it because people like the way they look.

"There won’t be a noise issue. Noise is an objective thing that can be measured and controlled."

Noise may be measurable, but that won't help the people who live and work underneath it.

There will be a public meeting about these plans at Bouton School this Friday 8th February at 7pm.
Photo taken by Don Brownlow

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