Dorset lags behind in wealth

Figures released yesterday put Dorset just three percent above the EU average for income. This is a pretty poor show when you consider that countries such as Poland and Bulgaria are included in the figures.

Virtually the only other parts of the UK with worse figures are Devon and Cornwall who are below the average. We discover this at a time when Dorset's services are being cut because the Labour government believe that just because it is beautiful it must therefore be rich.

It is a disgrace that the fire service and policing are being cut in Dorset in order that resources can be transferred to other areas in the country that are significantly better off. The cuts are just prejudice from the government that wants to shore up its own support base while treating rural England and Dorset in particular with contempt.

Of course if we were not subsidising the EU to the tune of £138.6 million per day net then the county and the country would be far wealthier.

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