Gawain Towler selected as PPC

Or at least that is what the press release says

Last night (4th October) at a packed meeting in Charlton Marshall’s Charlton Inn, the North Dorset Constituency association selected local man, Gawain Towler, as the party’s new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC).
John Baxter, the association Chairman said he was delighted, “Gawain is an excellent candidate and will do North Dorset proud”, he said. “Whenever Mr. Brown calls an election, UKIP here will be ready for him”.
Mr. Towler said, “From the age of 14, when at school in Iwerne Minster, I have dreamt of fighting this seat, I am honoured that the membership chose me last night”.

“We need to make it clear that the UK Independence Party is the party of freedom, not just from the eurocrats of Brussels, though certainly that, but also from the impositions of our own control freak government, the idiocies of the South West Regional Assembly and of course the pettifogging attentions of our local councils”. He continued, “It’s about time they learnt to trust people with their own lives rather than assuming that they always know best
Graham Booth, South Western Counties Euro MP said, “I am delighted that Gawain has been selected, I have known him for a long time now I know that he will be a doughty fighter for Dorset and freedom”.

Gawain Towler currently works for the UK Independence Party in the European Parliament as their press officer and Chief of Staff. He grew up and still has a base in Wimborne. He is married with two small children. Before working for UKIP he was a journalist and founder of the Brussels based satirical and investigative magazine, ‘The Sprout’. He has previously stood as a Parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party in Scotland.

Well the qustioning was pretty harsh, but agreement was there, we are ready, we will do the work and well if Brown does call the election we will put up a good show.

John Baxter, Constituency Chairman congratulates new PPC Gawain Towler

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